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Spend over £60 for FREE UK Shipping | EU price VAT & Duty excluded at Checkout

Dilly Daydream Wild Thing Shower Cap


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Imagine taking a shower high up, looking out over the African savannah (the shower is closed on three sides, so you can maintain your modesty!). The views are spectacular, and you can see a group of elephants in the distance and, not too far away, a giraffe munching on a Senegalia tree. You are pretty much at one with nature….. OK, daydream over, but isn’t it nice to hop in the shower and take your mind elsewhere? This is why Wild Thing, our best selling leopard-print cotton shower cap, was created. Go on, try it, it’s worth it!

  • Waterproof: The soft, lightweight lining makes this shower cap totally waterproof.
  • Roomy: Larger than standard-sized shower caps means they will keep all your hair tucked inside, whether it’s long, short, curly, thick, or even wrapped in rollers. 
  • Comfortable: Elastic is hidden away under a soft channel.
  • Vintage frill: Stops water from splashing in your face.
  • Washable: This cotton shower cap will benefit from a 30-degree machine wash and thorough drying and will last for years to come.
  • Sustainable: By keeping your cap for years, you’re not regularly throwing away cheap shower caps that don’t last. The inner lining and fabric are recyclable.



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