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There are several steps you can take to calm, control and prevent sensitivity in the skin. Usually sensitive skin types tend to develop allergic reactions to irritants in cosmetics and fragrances. There are even instances where the formaldehyde and toluene in nail polish can cause problems.

You should avoid using a multitude of different skin products in one go. Take it easy, one at a time and measure the result. And make sure you apply in an inconspicuous place too, such as the elbow or behind an ear. If your skin has reacted adversely to a particular product, it is quite usual for it to become 'sensitized' guaranteeing a similar reaction every time you try to re-introduce that product again in the future.

There are too many reasons for allergic reactions to be covered here. In order to make start though, Dermalogica has taken some of the guesswork out of choosing the right products for your sensitive skin. For instance, Dermalogica products don't contain any lanolin's, mineral oil or artificial fragrances. All products are formulated without formaldehydes, SD alcohols, or artificial colours. As well as being no comedogenic (tending to produce or aggravate acne) they also do not contain any acnegens (causing or producing acne).

Irrespective of what you may have been told about your skin in the past, we highly recommend that you take advantage of a face mapping treatment at your local salon.