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Normal Oily

What are the characteristics of normal skin? Well, smooth and firm to the touch there will be no areas of excessive dry skin or oilyness. You'll be really lucky because there won't be any visible signs of spots or congestion either. Of course your skin type is probably hereditary, but other influencing factors can include both your lifestyle and hormone levels.

We'd recommend that you cleanse twice a day. Thorough cleansing sits right at the top of any treatment regimen, and care should be taken to avoid over stimulation and disturbing the natural acid mantle of the skin. Many cleansers can be drying and cause acid imbalance in the skin. If you are removing eye make- up and lipstick, choose a product designed specifically for this. Soothing eye make-up remover is an oil free, water soluble gel which is very gentle and is great for sting free make-up removal.

Finally, choose a fairly lightweight moisturiser and definitely supplement with SPF protection (solar defence booster SPF 30 is designed to be mixed in with your choice of Dermalogica moisturiser or make-up product).