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How to Identify Your Skin Type and Get Amazing Skin

How to Identify Your Skin Type and Get Amazing Skin

It can be difficult to know which skin type you have. This post aims to help you decipher your skin type so that you can use the right products to have more healthy, balanced, and amazing skin.

It is important to note that your skin type can change over time. There are many internal and external factors that can alter and influence your skin type, such as climate, pollution, medicine, stress, products, and most notably, hormones, diet, and age. Oily skin is more common in teenagers but can become drier with age. Similarly, those with normal skin type can find that their skin becomes drier at certain points throughout their life.


The 4 Key Skin Types


Normal skin is well-balanced. Sebum and moisture are balanced so your skin is not too dry or too oily. Because of this, your skin is not sensitive, has barely visible pores, a glowing and smooth complexion, and generally no imperfections.

Maintain balance in your skin and enhance your its texture and tone with these products:

The Special Cleansing Gel removes impurities, smoothes, and purifies the skin whilst maintaining natural moisture balance.


Multi-Active Toner refreshes and hydrates the skin for optimal moisture absorption.


Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream contains botanicals and vitamins to maintain moisture balance, improve texture, and restore tone.



Dry skin has less sebum than normal skin, so it cannot retain moisture as the natural barrier is compromised. Dry skin can be recognised by a dull and rough complexion, red patches, tightness, and visible lines. Dry skin can become exacerbated by weather, hot showers and cosmetics, and is often more prone to sensitivity and irritations, in which it can become red, itchy, and scaly.

To help combat dry and sensitive skin, try the following products:

Intensive Moisture Balance helps combat dry skin, prevents damage from free radicals, and strengthens the lipid barrier to prevent moisture loss.


The Dry Skin Kit works to keep your skin well-balanced and hydrated. This kit is ideal for a first-time user to trial these products to discover how they can work for you.


Dermalogica’s UltraCalming Cleanser soothes the skin, minimises agitation, protects the natural lipid barrier, and protects against irritants.



Combination skin is both dry and oily, due to there being too much sebum and too little sebum in various places on your skin. Combination skin is typically dry on the cheeks and oily across the t-zone - on the nose, forehead and chin. Some characteristics of combination skin include blackheads, shiny skin, large pores, but dry cheeks.

The best products for combination skin:

The Normal/Dry Skin Kit is ideal for those with a combination of both normal and dry skin. With a cleanser, toner, exfoliant and moisturiser, the skin kit will help to balance your skin.


The Normal/Oily Skin Kit is for those with normal and oily combination skin. It aims to clear, hydrate, control oil production, and restore skin.



Oily skin is characterised by large and visible clogged pores, shiny or dull skin tone, blackheads, and spots. Oily skin is caused by the overproduction of sebum due to hormones, stress, cosmetics and medication. This type of skin is prone to both noninflammatory and inflammatory acne.

Some of the best ways to reduce oily skin is through the following products:

Dermalogica Medibac Oil Control Lotion absorbs excess oil, eliminates oil, reduce congestion, and reduces sebum production.


Dermal Clay Cleanser removes excess oil, cleanses congested skin, removes debris, and prevents future breakouts.


Medibac Clearing Kit works to treat, clear and prevent breakouts by balancing oil production to maintain healthy and clear skin.


By identifying your skin type, you can get amazing skin by using the right products for you. Whether your skin is normal, oily, combination or dry, you can have flawless and glowing skin.

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