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10 Ways to Prepare Your Skin For Winter

10 Ways to Prepare Your Skin For Winter

November is here and the cold weather is creeping in. Snow, low temperatures, freezing winds and lower humidity can all wreak havoc on your skin. Winter can damage your skin and weaken its natural barrier, causing it to become sensitive, dry, tight, itchy, irritated, flaky and stressed. Try these 10 ways to protect your skin so that it doesn’t become dry, bleak and dull like the winter weather.


  1. Exfoliate to prevent dry dead skin cells from building up and keep your skin luminous. But don’t overdo it as this can dry out your skin even more. Use the Daily Resurfacer to get rid of dull dead skin cells and keep your skin hydrated and smooth.


  1. Moisturise to combat dryness, keep skin hydrated, and protect new skin cells revealed by exfoliation. For winter, switch to a cream as they are heavier than lotions. Try Super Rich Repair, and moisturise more often to restore lost moisture.


  1. Although winter calls for longer and warmer showers, avoid long showers and baths as the high temperature dries out the skin and strips it of its natural oils. Keep water lukewarm and keep showers short. Also avoid soaps as these dry out the skin and pull moisture from it. Tap the face dry rather than rub to avoid irritating the skin.


  1. Use a cleanser that is kinder to the skin. Use a cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils, and use gentle ingredients that don’t dry it out. Try the Ultracalming Cleanser to soothe sensitivity and restore the lipid barrier.


  1. Protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays even in winter. Although it’s typically less sunny, harmful UVA and UVB rays can still penetrate the clouds and damage your skin when you’re least expecting it. Keep protected at all times by applying a broad spectrum sunscreen which can be combined with your moisturiser or makeup.


  1. Use a mist or toner to replenish hydration throughout the day. Try the Ultracalming Mist to lock in moisture, soothe irritation, and protect against harsh winter weather.


  1. Think about your diet. Comfort food is much needed this time of year, but junk food and sugar can cause reactions in the skin and lead to breakouts. Likewise, drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.


  1. Try a masque to soothe irritated skin. Use Skin Hydrating Masque to relieve irritation brought on by harsh winds and low temperatures. Apply 2-3 times a week to restore moisture to dry and stressed out skin.


  1. Use a humidifier to control moisture levels inside the home. A humidifier reduces the dry air that can steal moisture from your skin. Having a humidifier can ease problems caused by dry air such as cracked and dry skin by maintaining moisture levels in the air.


  1. Apply a Skin Hydrating Booster for extra hydration if your skin is feeling extra dry and needs that added boost throughout the week. It intensely moisturises even the driest skin and smoothes fine lines.


Try these 10 methods to protect your skin in the harsh winter weather. Remember to exfoliate regularly, moisturise more, avoid long hot showers, use a gentle cleanser, protect from the sun, use a toner, drink water, try a masque, use a humidifier, and apply a booster for extra hydration. It is important that you protect your skin to reduce sensitivity, dryness, irritation and dullness in the winter weather.

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