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The Causes of Sensitive Skin and How To Prevent It

The Causes of Sensitive Skin and How To Prevent It

If you suffer from sensitive skin, you’ll be familiar with the symptoms. Itching, burning, stinging and redness can all leave your skin feeling incredibly irritated and you feeling deflated.

Sensitive skin is primarily the result of genetics, and as a result, the skin is more delicate and prone to sensitivity. Sensitive skin can appear anywhere on the body, but is more commonly found on the face.

Sensitive skin occurs because of a defect in the skin’s protective outer layer - the epidermal lipid barrier layer. The barrier becomes weakened which results in water loss and the penetration of irritants and allergens. This damaged barrier layer, along with increased inflammation, compromises the skin’s condition.

In this article we discover the causes of sensitive skin, and some methods you can use to control it.




Cold weather in the winter causes the skin to become dehydrated and more sensitive. Likewise, the sun’s UV rays in the summer damage your skin barrier, resulting in increased sensitivity, so remember to wear sunscreen.


Skin Care Products

Some skin care products can make your skin worse. Perfumes, alcohol, dyes, artificial colours and fragrances, and harsh chemicals will do more damage to your skin’s protective barrier, increase irritation, and can even trigger an allergic reaction. What’s more, using the wrong skin care products and overusing products can worsen irritation, so make sure you use products that best suit your skin type and apply as advised, as this will strengthen your skin’s barrier instead.


Diet & Lifestyle

Your diet and lifestyle can have a big impact on your skin. Lack of sleep, stress, eating too much junk food and not drinking enough water can exacerbate your skin’s condition, and cause sensitivity as your skin’s protective barrier is weakened. Be sure to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and keep stress levels low to keep your skin in the best condition it can be.



Hormonal changes due to puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause affect your skin’s protective barrier and its ability to defend against irritants.



UV radiation, ozone and environmental pollutants such as exhaust fumes and smoke can weaken the skin’s natural defenses as free radicals are absorbed by the skin. The barrier can no longer work effectively, leaving your skin even more sensitive and vulnerable to irritants.



There are several methods and products to use to help soothe, calm and reduce redness and irritation. Try some of the following to protect your sensitive skin.


Ultracalming Cleanser

This cleanser will combat sensitivity caused by pollution, climate, stress, hormones and cosmetics. It is gentle to minimise agitation, and protects the skin’s natural lipid barrier.


Gentle Soothing Booster

This oil free booster will calm, soothe and hydrate the skin when it is feeling extra sensitive and needs a little boost.


Barrier Repair

A waterless moisturiser that helps sooth and repair sensitive skin. It creates a shield against environmental irritants and free radicals, and reduces water loss.


Super Sensitive Shield

This chemical free sunscreen will protect the skin’s barrier from UV rays and defend it from irritants caused by the sun.


Redness Relief Primer

Reduce redness and soothe skin with this primer. It will strengthen your skin’s barrier whilst protecting from the sun’s harmful rays.


Ultracalming Mist

This mist will soothe and hydrate whilst calming redness and inflammation.


Now that you have a deeper understanding of the causes of sensitive skin, you can use some of the recommended methods to help reduce inflammation, redness and irritation, to strengthen your skin’s barrier, and soothe, calm and cool your skin.

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