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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Toner?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Toner?


Toners have had a bit of a bad time over the years. Many are unsure why we use them, and what they do for us. However, toners should be an essential part of your regimen. They are perfect for all skin conditions, from dry and sensitive to oily and ageing, and are a range of benefits that toners offer our skin.


Benefits Of Using A Toner


Shrinks & Evens Out Pores

Toner can tighten up your pores and even out porosity. This reduces the risk of irritants attacking the skin, and dirt or debris building up in the pores that leads to breakouts.


Balances pH

Cleansing alters your skin’s pH balance due to alkaline ingredients in your cleanser. Skin has a pH of around 5-6, so is naturally acidic. Your skin then has to work to increase the acidity of your skin, which can lead to an overproduction of oil. Toner restores and rebalances your skin’s pH to keep it healthy.


Protective Layer

Toners add an extra protective layer on your skin to protect against harmful irritants in the environment such as toxins, pollution, UV radiation and dirt.


Moisturises & Hydrates

Using a toner will improve moisturiser absorption by penetrating the skin deeper. Some toners are also humectants, which lock moisture into the skin and improve hydration by developing the hydrolipidic film and drawing water from the dermis to the epidermis.


Completes Cleansing Process

Using a toner can act as an extra cleanser, removing remaining stubborn makeup, sunscreen, oil and impurities that may lead to breakouts. Cleansers provide a deeper clean and complete the cleansing process.


Refreshes Skin

Toner leaves your face feeling clean and refreshed. Toners can also stimulate cell production, making your skin feel fresher, renewed and brighter. Applying toner has the same refreshing effect as splashing your face with water.


Which Toner Shall I Use?


Now that you know all of the many benefits of using a toner you must be eager to have a go yourself. Toners can be used after cleansing or throughout the day to give your skin a boost. It’s also important that you choose the right toner for your skin type. Try one of these to get started.


Multi-Active Toner

This toner is a light facial spritz that evens out pores, refreshes and hydrates the skin, and prepares the skin for moisturiser absorption.


Antioxidant Hydramist

Antioxidant hydramist provides a protective layer to improve ageing skin texture, defend against free radicals, and hydrate and refresh the skin.


Ultracalming Mist

This toner is designed to protect your face against environmental factors such as pollution and toxins. It is perfect for sensitive skin and also helps to properly remove makeup.


Breakout Clearing Toner

Breakout Clearing Toner controls excess oils and helps prevent breakouts whilst refreshing and cooling the skin.


I hope you now see the benefits of using a toner and can incorporate one into your daily skincare routine. They are great for evening out the pores, protecting your skin from harm, balancing pH, cleansing deeper, and refreshing the skin. Whatever your skin type, toners can work for you.

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