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Spend over £60 for FREE UK Shipping | EU price VAT & Duty excluded at Checkout
Spend over £60 for FREE UK Shipping | EU price VAT & Duty excluded at Checkout


We are your reliable and economical solution for all things Dermalogica. We offer Fast delivery, Free delivery, Free samples, Free gifts and a 100% money back guarantee on our products. We offer some of the best prices online and promise to price match any like-for-like promotions.

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Why will Dermalogica products totally transform your skin's condition?

Dermalogica have 30 years experience in delivering skin health through education and steadfast innovation. Their products are completely free of the type of irritants and ingredients that often cause breakouts and flare ups in the skin. These irritants include lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, as well as the usual artificial colours and fragrances that are found in many of today's cheaper formulations.

Why Dermalogica is risk free when you purchase from Lafantine?

1. We offer some of the best prices online and support the brand with a 100% money back guarantee.
2. Existing customer feedback gives us complete confidence in the product (we've been Dermalogica stockists since 2003).

The relationship with our customers is more important than selling a product that doesn't deliver, so we put your interests first.

Some suggestions to make your purchase trouble-free:

1. Get FREE Face Mapping from your local qualified Dermalogica Therapist
2. Having identified your skin type, try some samples first. Contact us and we'll be happy to send you some
3. Allow a couple of weeks for your skin to adjust before making any long term commitments

What is face mapping and how does it work?

A Face mapping treatment lasting 15 minutes is carried out by specially trained Dermalogica Therapists and only available at authorised salons. The analysis will provide an objective evaluation of your skin's history and current health, eliminating any guesswork or trial and error.

The Therapist analyses your face in a number of zones. Each one of these zones is critically examined visually, and by the use of touch. The results are documented for you and give you a perfect visual guide for the future. You can easily see via this guide where any specific focus needs to be applied. Areas of dryness/dehydration, oiliness, hyperpigmentation and congestion can then be targeted with the correctly recommended Dermalogica products

For a complete list of the treatments we offer at our Lacosette Clinic in Droitwich Spa, click HERE or if you are not local Find a Dermalogica Professional Near You