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How to Use Daily Resurfacer

How to Use Daily Resurfacer


  • Daily Resurfacer, a gentle leave-on exfoliating treatment, is aimed at combating premature ageing and uneven skin tone. With Hydroxy acids and enzymes to gently exfoliate, hydrate and brighten skin. In addition to this, it also works to protect against environmental damage with the addition of antioxidants.
  • Applying a targeted treatment, such as masques, boosters and moisturiser, after exfoliation is especially beneficial, as dead skin and debris have been lifted, and the product is more easily absorbed.
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive (*not recommended for users of medically-prescribed exfoliation products) and formulated without artificial fragrances or colours.
  • Each dose is individually wrapped and precisely measured out in individual pouches, to ensure you have enough product for daily use, and without wastage.  


We recommend that you use daily resurfacer at night, applying to face and neck before bed and leaving on overnight to gently exfoliate skin while you sleep.

  1. Perform the double cleanse routine. Begin with PreCleanse and follow up with your prescribed cleanser.  
  2. Unwrap the individual pouch. Each specialised applicator is pre-moistened with the product. Place the finger cot over your index finger and gently massage your face and neck in small circular motions for about a minute.
  3. Follow up with a spritz of toner, booster and your prescribed moisturiser.

*Use in conjunction with a high factor, broad spectrum sunscreen, daily, to protect newly exposed skin.


Full size: £59.95 for 35 pouches at *RRP: £68.90.

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