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FREE Shipping - spend £45+ (£250+ to EU) - EU price VAT & Duty excluded at Checkout

Voya Oh-So-Scented Reed Diffuser Refill - Lavender, Rose & Camomile 100ml

by Voya

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Reed Diffuser Refill

The easiest way to refill your Lavender, Rose, and Camomile reed diffuser. Sensuous, calming, subtle, and sweet, this scent evokes instant tranquillity and a sense of relaxation, created by cushioning notes of camomile with rose essence. The gentle floral uplift of summery lavender and geranium will envelop your chosen environment with a harmonious soothing aroma.  

Directions for Use
  • Remove aluminium over seal and rubber stopper
  • Decant into the diffuser glass bottle and replace the wooden top
  • Replace the reed sticks into the opening.
  • Allow 48 hours for the fragrance to diffuse
  • To control the scent levels, add or reduce the number of reed sticks


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