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What products are recommended for oily and acne skin types?

In the fight to control acne, it is necessary to interrupt the degeneration of follicle by affecting the four main contributing factors. Research has shown that there are several new ingredients that are extremely effective controlling acne.

These ingredients can be classified according to the problem that each specifically addresses. In order to eliminate the food source for the bacteria we need to inhibit the activity of overactive sebaceous glands. Having achieved this, oily skin shine can almost totally be eliminated, creating a more pleasing appearance on the surface of the skin.

So, to control cell accumulation any product needs to stimulate exfoliation superficially, as well as in the follicle lining. When we exfoliate removing cells that have not been shed, we can also eliminate the impact of follicles which may collide with any build up on the skins surface.

Any oily and acne skin product that helps to control bacteria on the surface of the skin can aid control the source of fatty acids that contribute to irritation. Additionally, inflammation can be reduced by the application of topical anti-inflammatory repair agents. Botanicals and humectants are necessary to help the healing process and soothe inflamed skin.

The Dermalogica Medibac clearing system is designed to treat, clear and help prevent oily skin and adult acne, and addressing the needs of adult skin. It achieves this without compromising the skin's integrity, which can lead to more consistently clear and healthier skin.

Each product in the range has unique oil and acne fighting ingredients, the products are designed to be layered on the skin and provide 24-hour control of the four main factors that contribute toward adult acne.