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Give the Gift of Amazing Skin This Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is getting closer and it’s time for us to start our Christmas shopping. But don’t panic, just sit back and relax, because we’ve got your presents sorted, and you don’t even need to leave the house and face those massive crowds. We’ve selected the best of our Christmas gift sets, and what’s more, they promise you massive savings.

Body Buffing Set - Save 57%

The Body Buffing Set includes a Conditioning Body Wash, Body Hydrating Cream and Ultimate Buffing Cloth, for a refreshing and cleansing full-body cleanse.

The Body Wash is a botanical conditioning cleanser suitable for all skin conditions for making the whole body feel incredibly fresh and clean. The wash will purify and smooth the skin, contains no artificial fragrance or colour, and won’t dry out the skin.

The Hydrating Cream is a body moisturiser that smoothes and tones all skin types. Botanical extracts and oils soften and hydrate, whilst lemongrass energizes the skin.

The hygienic cloth can be used to achieve ultimate body-buffery, as it buffs, exfoliates, invigorates, and polishes the skin to silky perfection, particularly any rough and dry areas.

Brightening Duo - Save 30%

The Brightening Duo combines two of Dermalogica’s most popular products, the Precleanse and Microfoliant, to give your skin its healthiest glow yet.

Precleanse is an essential step in a skin routine, as it dissolves and removes oil, debris, makeup, sunscreen and environmental pollutants to ensure for a sufficient cleanse. It does this without compromising the skin’s natural barrier or clogging pores. The Precleanse contains olive and apricot kernel oil, borage seed and rice bran oils which help smooth, calm and nourish the skin.

Suitable for all skin conditions, the Microfoliant gently exfoliates the skin, making it smoother and brighter. It removes debris that dull the skin, stimulates cell renewal, and encourages the skin’s natural glow. The Microfoliant contains papain, salicylic acid, grapefruit licorice, and green tea to balance uneven skin tone, soothe, calm, and refresh the skin.

Power Rescue Masque Trio - Save 27%

Dermalogica’s Power Rescue Masque Trio contains Charcoal Rescue Masque, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, and Skin Hydrating Masque, and will recover, refresh and boost stressed-out skin. 

The Charcoal Rescue Masque brightens and invigorates all skin conditions to rescue dull and tired skin. The masque contains charcoal, sulphur, volcanic ash, sea silt, bamboo extract, niacinamide and chilean white mint to promote cell renewal, exfoliate, brighten, and calm the skin.

Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is ideal for maturing skin. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E and F, and oat kernel, this masque repairs damaged skin and regenerates the natural barrier whilst soothing, calming, easing inflammation, and increasing elasticity, texture and flexibility.

The Skin Hydrating Masque is suitable for all skin conditions and restores moisture to dry and irritated skin. It contains no artificial fragrances or colours. Instead, botanicals and antioxidant vitamins refresh, reduce inflammation, calm, and hydrate, whilst improving and replenishing texture and tone.

Skin Perfecting Set - Save 30%

Containing Skin Perfect Primer and Overnight Repair Serum, Dermalogica's Skin Perfecting Set will balance and perfect your skin to give a flawless finish to any skin type.

The Skin Perfect Primer will smooth, brighten and prime to perfect the skin for a flawless finish to all skin conditions. Silicones, minerals, peptides and Age Smart actives balance tone and texture, enhance radiance, and shield against potential damages and ageing.

Dermalogica’s Overnight Repair Serum is ideal for those with maturing skin who want to maximise skin repair overnight to increase luminosity, tone and texture. Containing peptides, alaria extract, argan oil, and vitamin E, the serum increases collagen renewal, strengthens the natural barrier, and improves hydration and elasticity.


You’re sure to find gifts that all your friends and family will love with these Dermalogica gift sets. From a Body Buffing Set for a clean and refreshing wash, to Brightening Duo for glowing and luminous skin, and skin-saving Power Rescue Masques to boost the skin, to Perfecting Sets for a flawless finish, we’ve got your Christmas shopping covered.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all the team at Lafantine.com!

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