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Are you applying your skincare products in the right order?

You know which products to use and have an arsenal of products in your bathroom cabinet to cleanse, moisturise and treat. Great! But did you know that the order of application can also affect how well your products perform, and how your makeup goes on?

Follow our numbered guide to ensure you’re getting the most out your products.


 1. Precleanse - Dissolves stubborn make-up, oil and dirt before cleansing.

 2. Cleanser - Removes any last traces of makeup, oil and dirt.

 3. Exfoliate - Lifts dead skin cells and unblocks pores, allowing products to be better absorbed.

  4. Toner - Rebalances skin’s PH level and refreshes.        

 5. Serum - Targeted treatment formulated to care for specific skin needs. Serums contain smaller molecules able to penetrate the deeper layers of the dermis.      

6. Eye Cream - Treat eye concerns such as dark circles and fine lines with a targeted eye cream.                             

 7. Moisturise - Hydrates and forms a protective barrier against irritants and the elements.

8. SPF - Protects against UV and environmental damage.

  9. Primer - Smooths skin and evens tone before makeup application.

 10. Makeup - Application is smoother, with a flawless appearance. 




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