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7 Simple Steps to Skin Satisfaction

7 Simple Steps to Skin Satisfaction

Spring has sprung, and it’s the perfect time for a fresh start and new beginning for your skin. It’s feeling warmer and brighter, so there’s no reason that your skin can’t be too. These steps serve as a beginner’s guide to a new and improved daily face wash routine, and demonstrates how you can use the Dermalogica Normal/Dry Skin Kit as a starting point for better skin. You’ll have healthier, smoother and younger looking skin, and a spring in your step to match.

Give Dermalogica a go with these 7 simple and straightforward steps, and say goodbye to dissatisfaction, and hello to skin satisfaction.

  • PreCleanse

  • Begin with a pre cleanse to clear the skin of any stubborn debris or muck. Using a pre cleanser will really cut into any excess dirt and penetrate both sunscreen and makeup to prepare your skin for the cleanser.

    Use the PreCleanse sample included in the kit. Created by the International Dermal Institute, both the PreCleanse and Cleansing Gel work together as part of the Double Cleanse routine, to give you extra protected, healthy and clean skin. Simply wet your hands and massage into your face to create a light milky emulsion, then rinse.

  • Cleanse

  • Next comes the most critical step in your regime; the cleanse. To do this use a cleanser which will clear the skin of dead skin cells, grime and impurities, and remove pollutants from your pores. Cleansers do this by breaking down the dirt so that it is more easily washed away.

    Use our Special Cleansing Gel, which is soap free and acid balanced so that excess oils and toxins are removed without drying the skin or destroying its natural balance. Gently lather a pea-sized amount of gel in your hands, apply to your face, and rinse with water.

  • Exfoliate

  • Exfoliation removes any dry skin cells or excess debris from the surface of your skin. Around 40,000 dead skin cells are shed every day, so it’s important to remove any still clinging on. Doing so will speed up and stimulate the cell renewal process and allow healthy cells to take their place, turning your complexion from dull and dreary to bright and breezy.

    Always a favourite amongst beauty editors, Dermalogica’s Gentle Cream Exfoliant will start to make your skin feel silky smooth in just 10 minutes. It does this through use of fruit enzymes, which stimulate skin removal and detach dead skin. Exfoliation is most effective when done once or twice a week, or try one day of intense exfoliation paired with several days of more gentle exfoliation. This will reduce signs of ageing and improve skin texture. Apply the exfoliator to your face, leave for 10 minutes, and rinse accordingly.

  • Masque

  • If your skin is feeling extra dry, for that added burst of moisture, supplement your regime with a facial masque. Masques are designed to contribute to the rehydration of your skin, remove excess sebum, unclog your pores and improve elasticity and texture.

    Use the Skin Hydrating Masque about once or twice a week after cleansing to restore moisture to the skin. Our masque is oil and colour free and contains antioxidant vitamins which deliver time-released hydration for lasting effects. Apply the masque to your face, place cucumbers over your eyes for that special pampered feeling, and relax for 10 minutes before rinsing and drying.

  • Tone

  • For use after cleansing, applying a toner to your skin will remove any dead skin cells, prepare your skin for optimal moisture absorption, and leave your skin more porous, smoother looking, fresher and even younger.

    With a refreshing blend of skin-repairing aloe, moisture-binding humectants and soothing lavender, balm mint and arnica, just one spritz of the Multi-active Toner will rehydrate your skin. Simply spray directly over your face, making sure your eyes are closed of course.

  • Moisturise

  • Moisturiser will improve your skin’s texture, making it more soft, pliable and elastic, and will protect the skin against the environment whilst regulating moisture loss from your skin.

    Moisturise using Skin Smoothing Cream, as this will keep your skin hydrated. Containing mallow, cucumber and arnica extracts, the cream will improve your skin’s texture, relieve tightness, restore suppleness and ensure smoothness. Simply apply to your face and gain more hydrated and softer skin in no time.

  • Repair

  • Finally, work at repairing any damaged skin. The thinnest skin is found around your eyes, the skin on your eyelids measuring 0.02mm thick. This leaves it more vulnerable to the elements, especially as you age. This skin is particularly delicate and so requires a little extra care and attention to fight against crows feet, bags and the like.

    Our Intensive Eye Repair cream is ideal for dry or prematurely ageing skin. Gently apply around the eye area, and help smooth away lines from around your eyes. Free from artificial odours and colours, phytonutrients and vitamins replenish the skin, increasing your skin’s elasticity and shielding the skin from further harm.

    By following these seven steps, your skin will be better cleansed, exfoliated, toned, moisturised and repaired. As a result, your skin will look and feel younger, brighter, refreshed, hydrated, elastic, smoother and softer. If you find that these steps work for you, continue with the routine to improved skin with Dermalogica’s full sized products, and feel confident and satisfied with the skin you’re in.

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