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A Close Shave!


Spring is here, and men everywhere are getting rid of their face warmers in favour of a clean shave and a fresher look. If you’re thinking of taking the shears to your facial fuzz; Stop! Instead, follow our steps for an at home ‘professional’ feel clean shave.

Step 1 - Trim

If you've grown a beard to rival Santa Claus, congratulations! However, this is going to take some removing. Now, this is where the shears come in (not really) but you will need a good, sharp pair of hair scissors or an electric razor with a sideburn attachment. Trim your beard as closely as possible.

Step 2 - Cleanse

Cleanse skin and beard with a good, non-drying cleanser, such as Dermalogica clean barA soap-free bar that removes impurities and surface oil, without stripping skin of its natural moisture barrier. Hydroxy acids gently exfoliate and anti-inflammatory agents help soothe and condition, preparing skin for a closer shave with minimum irritation. Lather in hands with warm water. Work over face and throat then rinse. Repeat for an extra clean feeling.

Step 3 - Prepare

Preparation is key! Using a pre-shave guard will soften coarse beard hair and prep skin, helping to minimise friction and irritation for a closer shave. After cleansing, apply a thin layer to beard. Do not rinse off.

Step 4 - Lather

Choose a good quality shaving cream and work up a good lather. If you're really posh, you might want to use a shaving brush but using your hands works just as well. Having a good layer of foam will help to guard skin against any irritation. Apply a thick layer to beard and neck.

Step 5 - Shave

Now you're ready to shave. Make sure you have a good quality sharp razor blade and using your free hand hold your skin taught. Start by shaving in the direction of hair growth, go with the grain. Repeat the lather process and shave against the grain for a cleaner, closer shave. Rinse.

Step 6 - Soothe

Finish with a soothing post shave balm to reduce discomfort and redness and intensely moisturise skin. Apply to freshly shaved face and allow product to absorb.

Step 7 - Protect

After months of hiding under a bushy, protective layer, skin will be especially vulnerable. Applying a daily sunscreen will protect sensitive, freshly exposed skin.

Now you're ready to show off your fresh, baby-faced new look to the world.

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